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Publicat în 02 May 2020 / In Music


"Don't Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold."
Bob Marley said that long long ago, and in today's world of capitalism, materialism, devastation and mostly destruction - Reggae Music still preaches the same.
What is it that a culture teaches you?
To build a community and live in harmony, right! Or is it, to create avenues of feuds over petty issues that eventually, only weaken us - the community, as a whole!
What is it that the religion is supposed to teach us?
To pray to the almighty for wellness and strength to carry on with life; or to abuse the power and privilege to conjure fear upon people's minds!
In today's world - it's hardly understandable.
Cause it's hardly simple enough to assimilate.
That's where the Reggae Music comes into play. It's the culture, it's the religion on its own. It's the culture that unites people - from different regions and races and castes and colours. It's the religion that preaches to worship humanity over every other ism.
As much as one takes a stand against the wrongdoing through this culture, through this religion - one never ceases to speak of love, friendship and brotherhood (sisterhood too!) through this music as well.
Raasta Man is a track that, even though talks about the mess of a world we currently live in - it never forgets to mention the hopefulness amidst all of it.
After all, Reggae is a culture, a religion, a music that is born from the lap of immense love towards life!

Artwork by- Yadnyang Pawar (THE_EXCELSIOR)
Insta Id- @yadnyang.pawar

Produced / Mixed / Mastered by GJ Storm

Visuals- Souvanik Kundu (Jojo)
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Instagram -

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magazin online produse organice

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